Struggling With Multi-Level Marketing? Here are Three Alternatives

by Otthoni

Multi-level marketing is a fascinating business model that has brought many companies success. It is also great for those sellers who are able to succeed within the parameters of the system.

But it is definitely not for everyone. Given that around 85 percent of people quit multi-level marketing within five years, it makes sense to think about alternatives.

Here are three options available to people who want to work a flexible job, but do not fancy getting involved with multi-level marketing.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

The goal of affiliate marketing is to make money through commissions, when promoting the products of other companies or individuals. An affiliate marketer makes a commission each time they help lead to a sale for a product.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it can be done through many means. Direct promotion is possible, where marketers make a face-to-face appeal to a person or organization to buy a product.

But it can also be done online, through a website or blog. In fact, many bloggers and content creators are able to bring affiliate marketing into their current operation without too many hiccups.

A big difference between affiliate and multi-level marketing is that no direct selling is involved in affiliate marketing. The marketer is not buying the product and selling it on. They are merely promoting it and getting a small fee for each successful promotion!

  1. Independent Distribution

Those who enjoy the concept of selling a product directly but do not like the structure of multi-level marketing, may want to look into independent distribution.

The concept is simple. The distributor chooses a product, figures out their intended market and decides how they want to sell that item. It can be done through an online store, eBay, Amazon or a physical store.

There is a lot of legwork involved, as the distributor must research products that can be independently distributed. It is also up to the distributor to strike a deal with the manufacturer. But it is a very rewarding profession, especially for those who want a flexible work schedule.

  1. Paid Sponsorships

Creating content online is easier than ever before. Whether it is by writing a blog every few days, putting up YouTube videos or becoming an Instagram influencer, people are able to connect with a wide audience online.

Monetizing that audience can be a significant alternative to multi-level marketing. It still involves dealing with companies that want to sell products. But it is a much simpler partnership, as the individual is offered a sponsorship deal.

The deal could be for an extended period, such as six months or a year. Or it could be a sponsorship for an individual blog post or YouTube video.

Working independently is always a challenge. It is a completely different environment to having a boss and a fixed schedule. It is why many are interested in the concept of multi-level marketing.

But it is good to know there are some viable alternatives, as MLM is not for everyone. Affiliate marketing, independent distribution and sponsorships are great options for modern entrepreneurs.